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NEWIN Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG-W series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG-W NTG-W Series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower Normal Model: NTG-W-4000 Cooling Tower Type: Counter flow open type industrial cooling tower Air Ventilation: F.R.P axial fan drive syste

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NTG-RCC series Concrete Structure Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG-RCC series Concrete Construction Industrial Cooling Tower is durability, freezing resistance and high corrosion, it is special for heavy industry cooling process, like Petroleum chemical industry, Chemical

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NTG series Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG series industrial cooling towers are highly used in Pharmaceutical industry, Metail casting, Paper industry, Steel plant, Cement factory, Power plant, Petrochemical industry, Sugar factory, ect. Cooling cap

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NTG-F seriesF.R.P frame Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG- F series F.R.P Framework Industrial Cooling Tower is type of open circuit cooling tower designed to special applicant in corrosive liquid cooling process due to its higher corrosion resistance, design life

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NTG Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG series industrial cooling tower is available in capacity for single cell from 800 tons to 5000 tons, various modular combinations are designed to meet different requirements. The cooling tower is highl

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