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Newin Singapore PTE. Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the cooling tower industry. In the late 1990s, inspired by the master of efficient air conditioning equipment, NEWIN began its R & D journey in Singapore.

Dr. Lin and his team are the founders of NEWIN cooling tower. They have been engaged in the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation industry for more than 15 years, and focused on the development of cooling tower. With the development of energy conservation and sustainability, correct engineering design, economic production and real service are particularly important. NEWIN set up the manufacture factory in Dongguan Guangdong Province, design and development are at Singapore headquarters. Higher quality and lower cost can be achieved through a direct managed supply chain. With China's economic growth, NEWIN has more opportunities to experience a larger market to ease the design and products.

The factory complies with ISO standards. NEWIN has developed a set of unique design software, which can simulate and meet various needs. High quality and efficient wet and hybrid cooling towers are sold not only to China, but also to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and South America.

NEWIN always make full use of engineering knowledge, contribute to commercial HVAC and industrial systems with efficient and economic solutions and honest and responsible services, explore more markets, and strive to become a leading manufacturer in the cooling tower industry.

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One -stop purchase avaiable for all cooling tower parts.

NSF series Structured- Packing Stainless steel corrugated plate filler

NSF series Stainless steel corrugated plate filler, also called Structured- Packing, with the features high temperature resistant, strong corrosion resistant and higher heat exchange performance, not noly used in counter

Cooling Tower Trickle Fills NTF series

NTF series Cooling tower Trickle Fills is a type of cooling tower splash fills with wide range of application, the special grid structure design with easy embedded installation could further scatter the spray water

MAH Series Cross Flow Film Fill

MAH series is a hanging film type cooling tower fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow, incorporates highly efficient cellular drift el

HAN Series Counter Flow Fill

HAN series film fill is applicable for counter flow cooling tower. Small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilic ability and large contact area, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by turbulence,&nb

NSN Series Counter Flow Fill

NSN Film Fill made by PVC/PP material, thermal forming by mold and plastic forming machine. Due to its big space design, and S wave shape, the fills have excellent cooling efficiency and good performance in pro

NDQ Series Gear Reducer

NDQ series cooling tower gear reducer is a planetary gear reducer with a direct motor connection. The gear adopts hard tooth surface technology, compact structure, light weight and high torque. Power range


Project Contracting

Shenzhen Newin Machinery Co.,Ltd. has professional engineering team to provide turnkey project contracting services for cooling tower projects. 24 years of cooling design and construction experience, commit to provide safe, reliable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly cooling water systems to customers around the world Scope Of Service: Designing cooling water system Thermal calculation and checking computation of cooling tower Design of cooling tower Pump and pipeline design, Installation of cooling tower Installation of Pipeline Maintenance of water treatment system System maintenance work Service objects: Large industrial cooling tower Oil refinery cooling tower Thermal power plant cooling tower Cement plant cooling tower Air-condition cooling tower Cooling tower of refrigeration station Sugar factory cooling tower Steel plant cooling towers, etc Performance Standard GB∕T7190.1-2018    &n


Engineering And Construction

Under the climatic conditions of the project location, provide owners with cooling tower design under the latest technical standards.On the premise of meeting the requirements for use, save energy and water as much as possible. Dry mixed cooling technology on wet cooling In summer/hot season, the wet bulb temperature are relatively high, use wet cooling to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer. In winter/cold season, the wet bulb temperature are low, use dry cooling only to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer, the spray pump stops working to reduce power consumption. Dry-wet mixed cooling technology on dry cooling Under normal circumstances, use adiabatic cooling in extreme weather condition for dry cooing.. To reduce the outlet water temperature to ensure the normal operation of the chiller and other hosts in extreme weather, using adiabatic working condition to get outlet water temperature lower than we


3D Modeling Layout

"3D modeling" is generally speaking to construct a model with three-dimensional data through a virtual three-dimensional space through three-dimensional production software. For some large projects, it will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment after cooling tower installed. For example, traffic situation, waterway layout, electric circuit installation, lighting system, lightning protection system, site ventilation, etc. Modeling evaluation before installation is extremely important and necessary.   The establishment of 3D modeling helps to understand the structure of the cooling tower and the installation location of nearby facilities from multiple directions. Technicians can see the "real" effect after installation. 3D modeling is also used for material analysis, stress analysis, machine processing, building color matching, etc.  





NEWIN Cooling Tower successfully Exhibited on The 10th Philippine Machinery Exhibition

Successful 10th PHILIMACH Exhibition! NEWIN Cooling Tower successfully Exhibited on The 10th Philippine Machinery Exhibition. PHILIMACH in Philippine 2022.10.20-22 HIGHLIGHTS ▼▼▼ NEWIN PHILIPPINE



NEWIN NWN-S series cooling tower Plant Project  - Full Stainless Steel Counter Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower 2022-9

NEWIN NWN-S series cooling tower Plant Project 2022-9 - Full Stainless Steel Counter Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower  The project was successfully installed and delivered to the owner in September 2022.



NEWIN NWN Cooling Tower Exhibited on The 23rd Intelligent Manufacture Equipment Expo

NEWIN NWN Series Closed Cooling Tower Exhibited on The 23rd Intelligent Manufacture Euipment Expo CCEME in Changsha, China. 2022.8.18-20 HIGHLIGHTS ▼▼▼ NEWIN NWN CLOSED TYPE COOLING TOWER NEWIN NWN COOLING