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Shenzhen Newin Machinery Co., Ltd. was set up at 2012, as one of subsidiary company of Feiyang Group (set up in 1996), one of the most prominent manufacturers of cooling towers in mainland China. It has more than 20 years experience in development, production and remolding, manufacturing of cooling tower combining FRP casing, motor, pump, fan and infill etc. 3 Factories located in beautiful city Dongguan and director’s hometown Meizhou, the total production area is 12,000 square meter, the 3 factories are FRP parts factory...

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MAH Series Cross Flow Film Fill

MAH series is a hanging film type cooling tower fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow, incorporates highly efficient cellular drift el

HAN Series Counter Flow Fill

HAN series film fill is applicable for counter flow cooling tower. Small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilic ability and large contact area, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by turbulence,&nb

NSN Series Counter Flow Fill

NSN Film Fill made by PVC/PP material, thermal forming by mold and plastic forming machine. Due to its big space design, and S wave shape, the fills have excellent cooling efficiency and good performance in pro

NDQ Series Gear Reducer

NDQ series cooling tower gear reducer is a planetary gear reducer with a direct motor connection. The gear adopts hard tooth surface technology, compact structure, light weight and high torque. Power range

NJF Series Aluminum Alloy Fan

NJF series aluminum alloy hollow type cooling tower fans are designed specifically for cooling tower, offering distinct advantages over other types of fans. The fan delivers maximum air flow and pressure capabi

EVD Series Drift Eliminator

EVD series drift eliminators are designed to create a tortuous path for the air stream. When the water droplets move through them, they are forced to change direction and impact the drift eliminator side walls, coalescin


Project Contracting

Shenzhen Newin Machinery Co.,Ltd. has professional engineering team to provide turnkey project contracting services for cooling tower projects. 24 years of cooling design and construction experience, commit to provide safe, reliable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly cooling water systems to customers around the world Scope Of Service: Designing cooling water system Thermal calculation and checking computation of cooling tower Design of cooling tower Pump and pipeline design, Installation of cooling tower Installation of Pipeline Maintenance of water treatment system System maintenance wor Service objects: Large industrial cooling tower Oil refinery cooling tower Thermal power plant cooling tower Cement plant cooling tower Air-condition cooling tower Cooling tower of refrigeration station Sugar factory cooling tower Steel plant cooling towers, etc Performance Standard GB∕T7190.1-2018    &nb


Engineering And Construction

Under the climatic conditions of the project location, provide owners with cooling tower design under the latest technical standards.On the premise of meeting the requirements for use, save energy and water as much as possible. Dry mixed cooling technology on wet cooling In summer/hot season, the wet bulb temperature are relatively high, use wet cooling to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer. In winter/cold season, the wet bulb temperature are low, use dry cooling only to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer, the spray pump stops working to reduce power consumption. Dry-wet mixed cooling technology on dry cooling Under normal circumstances, use adiabatic cooling in extreme weather condition for dry cooing.. To reduce the outlet water temperature to ensure the normal operation of the chiller and other hosts in extreme weather, using adiabatic working condition to get outlet water temperature lower than we


3D Modeling Layout

"3D modeling" is generally speaking to construct a model with three-dimensional data through a virtual three-dimensional space through three-dimensional production software. For some large projects, it will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment after cooling tower installed. For example, traffic situation, waterway layout, electric circuit installation, lighting system, lightning protection system, site ventilation, etc. Modeling evaluation before installation is extremely important and necessary.   The establishment of 3D modeling helps to understand the structure of the cooling tower and the installation location of nearby facilities from multiple directions. Technicians can see the "real" effect after installation. 3D modeling is also used for material analysis, stress analysis, machine processing, building color matching, etc.  





Won the bid for Panzhou Gas Power Plant Cooling Tower Project

NEWIN was chosen as the sole supplier for the cooling tower project contractor. Owner: Guizhou Panjiang Coalbed Methane Development and Utilization Co., Ltd. A China national holding company established in 2008. &nb



Is Your Cooling Tower in Good Performance at High Temperature In Summer?

Cooling performance of cooling tower will be influenced by high temperature in Summer, please timely do well maintenance and repairing of cooling tower parts if necessary.   Maintenance and repairing method



Updated Design for Closed Cooling Tower LKH Series

Newin LKH series mixed flow closed cooling tower is available in capacity for single cell from 30 tons to 250 tons, various modular combinations of cooling towers are designed to meet different requirements.