{"en":"Thermal Performance Upgrade","es":"Actualización del rendimiento térmico","ru":"Модернизация тепловых характеристик","zh-cn":"热性能升级"}

Some cooling towers were designed at the beginning, the reserved margin is not enough. With climate change or or equipment capacity increases, unable to meet the requirements for cooling capacity. When the owner is unable to add a new cooling tower, the existing cooling tower needs to be upgraded.

Our company provides upgrade solutions for the owners of above situation, through the upgrade and renovation of heat dissipation infill, drift eliminator, fan motor and drive system. By increasing the bulk coefficient of the infill and the fan air volume, improve the cooling tower cooling capacity, to meet the owner's requirements.

For some old cooling towers, due to long-term use, the internal water distribution system, infill system, and heat exchange components have been partially damaged or blocked and cannot work properly. Greatly reduced the original cooling capacity of cooling tower. Abnormal ventilation and abnormal water distribution system will also increase the resistance of  the fan, increase power consumption. The damage of the drift eliminator will increase the loss of water.

New alternative materials to restore the cooling capacity of cooling tower is also available, and reduce energy consumption.

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