{"en":"Energy Saving Reform","es":"Transformación de ahorro de energía","ru":"Энергосберегающая реконструкция","zh-cn":"节能改革"}

To save energy, reform drive system, fan or infill to increase the cooling capacity of cooling tower, below is details of reform methods.

Drive Mode Reform
Under normal operating conditions, direct drive efficiency is close to 100%, the efficiency of gearbox drive is 95-98%,  efficiency of belt drive is 90% -95%,  by upgrading the driving mode, a certain amount of electricity will be saved.

Hybrid Drive Reform
In engineering design, the surplus energy of the pump is very large, the water turbine drive will make the most of the kinetic energy of the water to drive the fan to rotate, reduce or eliminate electrical drives.  Motor power consumption could be reduced by 2/3 after modification.

Fan Reform
Under same air volume and size, lighter FRP composite material fan is more energy-saving than aluminum alloy fan. FRP fan is also have longer service life and more resistant to corrosion

Infill Reform
On the basis of ensuring heat dissipation efficiency, minimize the wind resistance of the infill and match the appropriate water-spraying density, could save motor power consumption

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