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NTG Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG series industrial cooling tower is available in capacity for single cell from 800 tons to 5000 tons, various modular combinations are designed to meet different requirements. The cooling tower is highly used in Pharmaceutical industry, Metail casting, Paper industry, Steel plant, Cement factory, Power plant, Petrochemical industry, Sugar factory, ect.


♦ Space saving, light-duty structures
♦ Energy saving, low noise
♦ Perfect corrosion resistance
♦ Convenient combination and easy maintenance

Components Instruction


NTG Series  cooling tower shall be proposed in compliance with the specification of cooling tower for this job,  All framework and structural members shall be constructed of Reinforced Concrete (supplied by customer) / of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel (supplied by vender) , to provide maximum strength and durability.

Fan Stack

The FRP velocity recovery fan stack is used in the proposed cooling tower.   This profile of fan stack is designed on basis of the theory of air channel uniformity.  It  will  guide  the  air  flow  exit  vertically  which  will reduce the effect of re-circulation and also reduce the  noise level.

Distribution system

Using the unique overflow device to realize smooth and even water distribution under different sustem load, the device completely eliminates the drift loss of coolig tower. Hot water basin cover avoids water pollution by foreign objects falling into hot basin. Meantime, it avoids direct sunlight and inhabit growth of algae.

Fill Packing

Used high quality & improved performance PVC with good material, it is high cooling efficiency and anti-corrosive & UL V-0. Brand new PVC materials, integrated eliminators and louvers. The infills are hanging type, environmental friendly and  big coefficient of heat transfer, good hydrophilicity. Small wind resistance, high ventilation performance. Special material for option if high entering water temperature.

Frame structure and fasteners

Leading structure design and high-quality materials to make frame structure and fasteners, the standard configuration of structure and fasteners is superior hot-dip galvanized steel, good anti-corrosion, design lifespan is more than 15 years. Stainless steel or F.R.P frame structure available for poor water soltion, and SUS304 or SUS316L for fasteners.  

Optional Accessories

♦ Noise reduction upgrade                      ♦ Anti-Freeze heater
♦ Vibration isolator & rubber mat             ♦ Stainless steel framework / bolts and nuts (304 / 316)
♦ High-temperature upgrade                   ♦ Dual-speed Motor & VFD motorAnti-Freeze heater

Technical Specification of NTG Series Cooling Tower
Item Water 
Fan Water
Weight (kg)
  Model Length Width Height Diameter
Dry Wet
NTG-800 800 8.0x10⁶ 7400 7400 7800 4700 30 8.0  11.63  18.45 
NTG-1000 1000 1.0x10⁷ 9000 9000 8700 5460 45 8.8  19.68  31.23 
NTG-1500 1500 1.5x10⁷ 10500 10500 9500 6000 55 10.0  29.34  46.75 
NTG-2000 2000 2.0x10⁷ 12000 12000 10200 7700 90 11.0  45.03  68.69 
NTG-2500 2500 2.5x10⁷ 13500 13500 10700 8000 132 11.5  46.20  75.30 
NTG-3000 3000 3.0x10⁷ 15000 15000 11400 8530 160 12.0  65.00  99.20 
NTG-3500 3500 3.5x10⁷ 16000 16000 12100 9140 160 13.3  76.05  104.80 
NTG-4000 4000 4.0x10⁷ 17400 17400 12400 9140 200 13.5  78.50  132.00 
NTG-5000 5000 5.0x10⁷ 18380 18380 13900 10300 250 14.5  85.50  139.50 

 Casing  Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester  (F.R.P)
 Frame H.D.G.S / Stainless steel / Concrete
Motor Enclosed, IP 55, F class
Fan stack  Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester  (F.R.P)
Handrail and cage H.D.G.S
 Infill Fire retardant P.V.C 
 Drift eliminator Fire retardant P.V.C 
 Distribution system H.D.G.S & P.V.C
 Clapboard  Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Basin  Concrete (by others)

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