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NTG-W series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG-W series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower

NTG-W Series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower

Normal Model: NTG-W-4000
Cooling Tower Type: Counter flow open type industrial cooling tower
Air Ventilation: F.R.P axial fan drive system
Cooling Mode: Wet cooling mode
Cooling Tower Body: Steel framework with F.R.P ( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) casing

NTG-W series Custom Large Industrial Cooling Tower - the special cooling solution for heavy industry. In the chemical plant application, the process water is heavy dirty, NTG-W series cooling tower performs efficient cooling with lower energy consumption. 


Cooling tower specialized fan made of F.R.P. The windward side of the fan blade was protected with stainless steel,  makes FRP fan to be stronger and higher corrosion resistant, more than 25years service life.
▷ IE3 motor (protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F class), adding inner heating device ( optional) with 220V power source. Gear box transmission efficiency: 95%, serve factor 2.0.

▷ Envenly hot water distribution via the non-block type Three Splased Nozzles that installated on distribution pipes.
▷ NSD series blade type dirft eliminators are installated above the water distribution system, high water-absorption, low airflow resistant. 

▷ Heat exchange layer adopts HAN series PVC infill which is designed for normal industrial dirty water, high thermal performance and non-clogging design.

▷ Galvanized steel framwork with F.R.P panel casing, corrosion resistant and high strength constructure. 
▷ Molded SMC fan stack ( made of F.R.P panel) with hyper bolic structure, low win resistance, low energy consumption and easy to install.
FRP panel are widely use in modern cooling tower manufacturing, has good heat insolation performance and withstand sunlight and anti-aging. It can works with any Acid or Alkaline water or chemical fluid.
▷ Platform and walkway special designed for the convenient maintenance of cooling tower.

Other special design solutions


Air Inlet Double Side Louvers

At air inlet place, installed two side louvers, the inner side louvers was design for prevent the water splash out from cooling tower. Outer side louver was for prevent the sands storm and other items goes into cooling tower.

Anti-freezing Solution

In cold weather, cooling tower fills may appear ice-hanging phenomenon, which affect the operating efficiency of the cooling tower. In order to prevent this phenomenon, anti-freeze tube are installed around the bottom of the cooling tower. The hot water will be sprayed into cold water basin via the tube when the temp. is lower than 5℃,so that to avoid cold wind entering , effectively prevent the occurrence of fills icing and ensure the normal operation of the cooling tower.



Optional Customized Control Cabinet

Through the control cabinet, the operation and maintenance inspection personnel can visually monitor the operation status of the cooling tower, and then carry out timely and effective maintenance and energy-saving operation.

NTG-W Vedio Linkhttps://youtu.be/69r6U2qblKA

Chemical Plant Project

> NTG-W series industrial cooling tower applicated in chemical plant, replaced the original old industrial cooling tower.


> NTG-W series cooling tower-NEWIN cooling solution for Chemical plant project in NAVOIY, Uzbekistan.

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