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LAH Series Cross Flow Film Fill

LAH Series Cross Flow Film Fill

LAH series cross flow film fills is using PVC / PP sheet material with the advanced technical. Good heat dissipation, large flux, low resistance, uniform distribution, good water distribution, improve oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate.

Newin LAH series cross flow fills is PVC or PP sheet material with the advanced technical, long lifetime, low resistance, light weight. During the service, the fill can increase the water flow process. It is widely used in square cooling tower. Good heat dissipation, large flux, low resistance, uniform distribution, good water distribution, no clogging, no agglomeration, large specific surface area, improve oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate.


Adopts the design of thin film, to increase the cooling area and reduce the wind resistance.
■ Sharp horizontal corrugations allow even water redistribution on the sheet and water rotation for good contact with air. The offset flute design allows vertical rotation of air with limited pressure drop.
■ With advanced PVC plastic material after vacuum forming, fabrication and stable quality, not easy to brittle characteristics.
■ Filler used plate agglutination complete set type, each packing pills, all keeps the same spacing between airflow through.


With different request in LAH film fill, like length and width, materials or thickness, etc, please inform us your detailed request to get correct solution and offer. Newin could cover all customer requirements. Fill media in flame retardant or anti-bacterial execution are also available on request.
Module Length (Max)  mm 1600
Module Width   mm 750/1000
Module Depth   mm
Flute Height  mm 20
Flute Corrugation Angle  degrees
Surface Area  m2/m3 147
Sheet Thickness - Before Forming  mm 0.32
Sheet Thickness - After  Forming  mm 0.28
Max. application temp. (short time) - PVC  °C 60
Max.operating temp. (short time) - High temp.  °C 80
Customized size and thickness available for special request. Contact Newin for details.

Structure & Installation Drawing

Newin supply structure & installtion drawing advice with jobsite storage advice and quality control report along with shipment to make attention to customers when they receive the materals. OEM or special mold design also available on request.

Application & Usage

Newin LAH Film Fill is applicable for other brands cross flow cooling tower fill packing replacement, with SGS test in ASTM Standards to keep high quality infill to get the high efficiency of the cooling tower. Inform us the tower model or size, we will estimate the Nos of sheets needed for your cooling tower replacing.

Applicable Commercial Standards

Sheets material is strictly followed below SGS test with ASTM standards. Each property or all properties as below tested by your products are also vailable on request.
Property Test Method Values
Specific Gravity ASTM D792-13
Method B
Oxygen Index ASTM D2863-13 34.50%
Tear Strength ASTM D1004-13 X direction 111 N
Y direction 121 N
Tensible Test ASTM D 882-12 Tensile Strength X direction 51.1 MPa
Y direction 45.3 Mpa
Elongation at
X direction 87%
Y direction 56%
Values shown above based on SGS Test No.: GZIN1708039662PS by Newin
Statements and methods presented are based upon the best available information and practices 
known to Newin. Conditions of use may vary and are beyond control, the user should undertake 
sufficient tests to determine the suitability for any intended use of the material.

Filed Data for Cross Flow Film Fill Replacement

Fill in below measurements data for your maintenance cooling tower or reparing projects demand quality and reliability, count on Newin, site visit or maintenance service, engineered to fit the cooling tower fills or components. 

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