{"en":"3D Modeling Layout","es":"Diseño de modelado tridimensional","ru":"трёхмерная схема моделирования","zh-cn":"3D 建模布局"}

"3D modeling" is generally speaking to construct a model with three-dimensional data through a virtual three-dimensional space through three-dimensional production software.

For some large projects, it will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment after cooling tower installed. For example, traffic situation, waterway layout, electric circuit installation, lighting system, lightning protection system, site ventilation, etc. Modeling evaluation before installation is extremely important and necessary.

The establishment of 3D modeling helps to understand the structure of the cooling tower and the installation location of nearby facilities from multiple directions. Technicians can see the "real" effect after installation.

3D modeling is also used for material analysis, stress analysis, machine processing, building color matching, etc.

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