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Under the climatic conditions of the project location, provide owners with cooling tower design under the latest technical standards.On the premise of meeting the requirements for use, save energy and water as much as possible.

Dry mixed cooling technology on wet cooling
In summer/hot season, the wet bulb temperature are relatively high, use wet cooling to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer.
In winter/cold season, the wet bulb temperature are low, use dry cooling only to reach the leaving water temperature required by the customer, the spray pump stops working to reduce power consumption.

Dry-wet mixed cooling technology on dry cooling
Under normal circumstances, use adiabatic cooling in extreme weather condition for dry cooing..
To reduce the outlet water temperature to ensure the normal operation of the chiller and other hosts in extreme weather, using adiabatic working condition to get outlet water temperature lower than wet-bulb temperature.

Frequency conversion energy-saving control technology based on output constant temperature.
For the cooling system with strict requirements on outlet temperature,we provide PLC control system, with internal integrated frequency converter, adjust fan speed and pump flow to achieve the purpose of stable output.

Anti-icing automatic heating control technology
In winter of cold areas, suspend cooling tower working will cause the pool to freeze, and damage the water pump and pipeline equipment. Hanging ice on the cooling tower is easy to cause accidental injuries.
For this, we have designed a special anti-freezing device, through the automatic control to achieve the effect of never freezing.
Soft water / drinking water closed cooling design
For some high-end equipment or food equipment, to prevent pollution caused by heat ex-changer leakage, closed cooling system is recommended, pipeline and heat exchange adopt SUS304 / 316 to ensure clean water channel.


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