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NWFL-VA  series Adiabatic cooler

NWFL-VA series Adiabatic cooler

NWFL-VA series adiabatic cooler is the V type dry air cooler designed with Adiabatic Cooling System.

NWFL-VA series adiabatic cooler is the V type dry air cooler designed with Adiabatic Cooling System. Efficient cooling throughout the year,  free cooling solution suitable for data center and other facilities, and water consumption is greatly reduced compared with evaporative cooling.


· V type design and adiabatic cooling system
High cooling efficiency with low water consumption.

· Optimal efficient components
Like EC motor Maximum system efficiency and energy saving.

· Large redundancy available.
Eliminating thermal performance loss 

· High reliability and Ease maintenance.




When NWFL-VA adiabatic cooler is in operation:

Cold water will flows from the top of the cooler and evenly through the evaporative cooling pads. The cool dry air will be drawn into by EC axial fan over the pads and precooled. This adiabatic precooling of the air has larger cooling capacity for cooling the warm process fluid.

Series Type Capacity Fan Drive System Heat Exchange System Adiabatic Pre-cooler
NWFL-VA V Range  EC axial fans  Finned coil  Evaporative cooling pads
Maximum thermal performance 300~1680kw Intelligent frequency conversion, more energy saving Maximum heat transfer surface Precooling the ambient air temperature, 
improving higer cooling efficency
 *The wake up is on the top of the pads can ensure the cool dry air in adiabatic precooling process when the pump is not running.
 *Recirculation system is designed for further reduce the total water consumption.
Adiabatic cooling system Exceeding 90% annual water saving compared to normal cooling tower
Application Small to medium industries & HVAC;
The places with limited water consumption;
High temperature industrial cooling process etc.

Components & Options


Heavy-duty Construction

The galvanized steel panel with NWN-Armour anti-corrosion coating have excellent resistance and corrosion resistance approaching the characteristics of stainless steel, allows the equipment to work with higher concentration cycles and thereby reduce water consumption. The coating can be easily repaired if damaged.



V Type Finned Coil Heat Exchanger

The finned coil heat exchanger made with copper tubes and aluminum fins adequately spaced to ensure the best performance in heat exchange. The copper tubes are fixed to the coil headers by brazing and to the finned coil by flaring, to ensure maximum continuity in thermal conduction.



EC Axial Fan

EC motor straight-shaft drive, motor protection grade is IP55, insulation grade is F, suitable for long-term operation in hot and humid environments, with smooth operation. The energy efficiency of EC motors can reach IE4 or above. The fan bearings adopt tapered roller bearings, which have large load-bearing capacity and long service life, with a rated service life of more than 20,000 hours. Through static and dynamic testing during the production process, noise is minimized while meeting the heat exchange performance of the cooler; using PFC to keep harmonics below 35%, the EC fan system can maintain high static efficiency, even at low speeds.



Adiabatic Pre-cooler

Evaporative cooling pads are made of cellular materials of impregnated cellulose with different flute and constructed in heavy gauge stainless steel framework. Water distribution from top of the pads for complete wetting. Evaporative cooling pads with water circulation pump can help to achieve designed conditions in peak summer.



Adiabatic Intelligent controls

EC fans Intelligent frequency conversion to meet different working conditions on site, save more energy. Force unit in dry operation in case water usage is prohibited.


 - Increase the coil’s resistance ability

 - Coil freeze-up safeguard

 - Low noise upgrade

 - Increase the degree of redundancy

Model Configuration 
Flow Cooling Capacity Dimension (mm) Nos of Fins Fan Diameter Power
F/V m3/h kw L W T nos mm kw
NWFL-300VA V 52 300 4000 1290 198 2 EC900 7.6 
NWFL-600VA V 104 600 4000 1290 198 4 EC900 15.3 
NWFL-520VA V 90 520 4500 1786 198 2 EC800 12.6 
NWFL-1040VA V 180 1040 4500 1786 198 4 EC800 25.3 
NWFL-600VA V 105 600 4000 2280 198 2 EC900 15.3 
NWFL-1200VA V 210 1200 4000 2280 198 4 EC900 30.6 
NWFL-840VA V 144 840 5500 2777 198 2 EC900 19.1 
NWFL-1680VA V 288 1680 5500 2777 198 4 EC900 38.2 

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