{"en":"NWF series Mixed Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower","es":"","ru":"Охладители испарительной жидкости со смешанным потоком","zh-cn":"NWF系列复合流闭式冷却塔"}

NWF series Mixed Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower

NWF series Mixed Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower

NWF Series Mixed Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower

Normal Model: NWF-120/180...1750-Z7-S
Cooling Tower Type: Mixed Flow Closed Type
Air Ventilation: Induced Draft (Axial Fan Drive System)
Cooling Mode: Wet Cooling Mode
Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel Heat Exchange Coil
Cooling Tower Body: Z700 Galvanized Steel (SUS304/316 or NWN-Armour anti-corrosion coating steel plate for option)

NWF Mixed Flow Closed Type Cooling Tower

The NWF series closed cooling tower employs efficient composite flow cooling technology, stable operation, energy saving and environmental friendly. Once the spray water has cooled the heat exchange coil, it is channeled into the cold water basin through the PVC heat exchange layer, effectively reducing the temperature within the tower and minimizing noise caused by straight falling spray water into the bottom basin. 


High-Efficiency Mixed Flow Closed Circuit System

The fluid medium requiring cooling flows through the efficient serpentine coil heat exchanger. A continuous external spray system moistens the coil surface to facilitate cooling, allowing the cooled medium to exchange heat with the spray water through a partition wall heat exchanger, creating a closed loop for effective cooling. Low-temperature dry air enters the tower laterally and intersects vertically with the direction of the spray water flow, forming a composite heat transfer powered by fans. Once the air and spray water have fully exchanged heat, high-temperature saturated air is discharged outside of the tower while the spray water undergoes secondary heat transfer through a PVC heat exchange layer before falling into a water collection basin, effectively removing more heat for superior cooling efficiency.

> The Mixed flow close-loop circulation system guarantees the purity of the media, diminishes expenses for maintenance, and conserves precious water resources while the efficient cooling.
> The combination of a stainless steel coil heat exchanger and PVC heat exchange layer is not only efficient, but also elegant. This innovative design maximizes the heat transfer area, enhances heat exchange efficiency, and even contributes to noise reduction.
> The single-side air intake design reduces noise emissions at the rear of the tower, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.
> The product has a compact structure and space-saving design, allowing for the combination of multiple cooling towers.


Main Parts 
The high-quality Z700 galvanized steel frame and shell, offering corrosion resistance. For particularly harsh environments, the optional SUS314/316 or NWN-Armour anti-corrosion coated steel provides exceptional protection.
▷ The aluminum alloy axial flow fan operates with low noise, stability, and efficiency. The motor is equipped with a protection grade of IP55 and an insulation grade of F, ensuring heightened safety and reliability.
Stainless steel coils exhibit superior heat exchange efficiency, enhanced corrosion resistance, light weight, prolonged equipment lifespan, and are environmentally sustainable due to their recyclability.
The PVC filler heat exchange layer utilizes an integrated design of filler, air inlet grille, and drift eliminator to guarantee consistent air intake, significantly minimize water drift loss, and ensure optimal heat transfer performance. Furthermore, the unique surface texture provides ample heat exchange surface area, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. The filler could be upgraded to high-temperature materials to align with the specific working conditions of the project.
The exclusive drift eliminator designed for closed cooling towers is adept at efficiently extracting airborne water droplets, boasting minimal wind resistance and an impressive capture rate of 99.99%, thus guaranteeing optimal heat transfer performance.

▷ The presence of an inspection platform within the cooling tower enhances the convenience of conducting inspections and maintenance.

Optional Various Additional Functions
Two-speed& VFD variable frequency motor/ Vibration Cut-off Switch/ Electronic descaler/ Water treatment equipment/ Anti-freeze automatic heating system/ Noise reduction upgrade/ External maintenance platform and guardrail/Installation and maintenance boom etc.

Cost-effective Anti-Corrosion Solution
NWN-Armour Anti-corrosion Technology

Products coated with NWN-Armour anti-corrosion coating exhibit outstanding resistance to corrosion, approaching the qualities of stainless steel. They serve as a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel.
Energy industry • Pharmaceutical industry • HVAC • Chemical industry • Machinery manufacturing • Metal processing • Plastic products • Industrial cooling • Food processing 

Reference Projects

NEWIN COOLING TOWER Vedio Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/@coolingtowernewin3278
Sino-Platinum Technology Project 
> NWF series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Sino-Platinum Technology poject in Yunnan, China.
School Library Project
> NWF series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for school library poject in Guangxi, China.
Coating Factory Project
> NWF series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Coating factory poject in Foshan, China.

Design Conditions

Entrance temp. t1= 37℃                            Leaving temp. t2= 32℃                      Wet bulb temp. tWB= 28℃   Dry bulb temp. tDB= 31.5℃                        Atmospheric pressure P0= 9.94 x 104 Pa

NWF Water Capacity Diamension (mm) Weight (kg)
Model m³/h L W H Dry Wet
NWF-120-Z7-S 20 2300 1910 2850 840 1940
NWF-180-Z7-S 30 2300 1910 2930 880 2010
NWF-230-Z7-S 40 2850 2110 2930 1140 2700
NWF-290-Z7-S 50 3550 2110 2930 1380 3400
NWF-350-Z7-S 60 4150 2110 2930 1600 4010
NWF-450-Z7-S 80 4550 2250 3480 2060 4710
NWF-600-Z7-S 100 4550 2250 3720 2200 4900
NWF-750-Z7-S 125 5200 2250 4270 3200 6920
NWF-900-Z7-S 150 5200 2250 4490 3550 7540
NWF-1000-Z7-S 175 5200 2870 4490 4050 8590
NWF-1150-Z7-S 200 5900 2870 4540 4540 9680
NWF-1450-Z7-S 250 5900 3150 4690 5320 12230
NWF-1750-Z7-S 300 6500 3150 4690 5940 13740

This table sample only contanins the data when issued, please do not use for engineering construction. Please further to confirm with sales and engineer about the detailed data before purchasing. If need muti-cells, please consult  the manufacturer to providethe solutions. NEWIN reserves the right to change the parameters or dimensions of the table without notice.

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