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NEWIN NSH-FRP Series Counter Flow Full FRP Cooling Tower

NEWIN NSH-FRP Series Counter Flow Full FRP Cooling Tower

NSH-FRP Series Counter Flow Full FRP Cooling Tower

Normal Model: NSH-F-2000-C4
Cooling Tower Type: Counter flow open loop cooling tower
Air Ventilation: Aluminum alloy axial fan drive system
Cooling Mode: Wet cooling mode
Cooling Tower Body: Full F.R.P (Fiber Reinforce Plastic) structure with excellent corrosion resistant



NSH-FRP series full FRP cooling tower is a type of counter flow open-loop cooling tower which is specially suit for high temperature cooling process. High corrosion resistant F.R.P structure, design lifespan is up to 30 years. NSH-FRP cooling tower is widely applicated in textile industry, chemical industry, sugar refinery, steel plant etc.





> Stronger and more rigid FRP framework 

The pultrduded FRP profiles has good strength which can compare to carbon steel profiles, but better acid-base resistance property.
This material does not require any coatings or preservatives to withstand the effects of corrosion, rot or insects, and it has little environmantal impact. It's a good replacement material of old treated wood frame cooling tower.


> Counter flow open-loop cooling system

In this cooling system, cool dry air will enter the exchange layer from the bottom of the tower, taking away the heat from the spray water by evaporation and heat transfer, then under the action of axial fan system, high temperature saturated air is brought out, so as to achieve efficient cooling.




Chemical Fiber Factory Project

> NSH-FRP series full FRP cooling tower applicated in chemical fiber factory, replaced the original old treated wood frame cooling tower.



> NSH-FRP series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Chemical fiber factory project in Singapore.

Model NSH-F-2000-C4 10000mm (L) 8000mm (W) 7600mm (H)
Construction and material Frame Casing and Louvers Maintianence plateform, Ladders Infill support
F.R.P. F.R.P. F.R.P. F.R.P.
Infill Type Material Placement Operation temperature
Film fill PVC Piling up below 50 
Water Distribution System Type Material NEWIN EVD series Eliminator Material
Spray water via Distribution F.R.P. pipes PVC
pipes & Nozzles & ABS nozzles
Fan Type Blades material Hub material Drive shaft material
Axial flow Aluminum alloy HDGS SUS
Motor IP grade Class of insolation Gearbox Reducer Fix type
Vertical type ( TEFC) IP55 F vertical
*Cooling Tower Selection is base on the actual working condition.

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