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NCJ Series Gear Reducer

NCJ Series Gear Reducer

NCJ series cooling tower gear reducer adopts spiral bevel gear transmission, through flange cooperation, the motor center and the gear box gear center are exactly the same. The motor directly drives the reducer without transmission shaft to transmit the torque. Power ranges from 4 kW to 110 kW.

NCJ series cooing tower gear reducer is a newly designed for cooling towers using the principle of hypoid gear transmission and combining the structural characteristics and transmission requirements of medium-sized cooling towers. Compared with other gear-driven reducers, the weight of the NCJ series gear reducer body is no longer borne by the cooling tower, and the tower wall can be thinned and the cost can be reduced. The noise pollution of the engine is 3-5 decibels than the noise of the planetary reducer of the same specification. The installation and maintenance is convenient, there is no trouble of belt extension, and the cumbersome installation of external transmission reducer is avoided. NCJ series gear reducer is an ideal accessory product for medium-sized cooling towers.

Model Description



■ High operating reliability, no need to adjust the belt tension, completely solve the maintenance work caused by belt slippage
■ High transmission efficiency, completely solve the power loss caused by belt slippage, and the air output of the fan is more guaranteed
■ Convenient installation: the gear box is an integrated structure, which makes installation easier and more convenient, reduces installation requirements and reduces installation labor costs.

NCJ Series Gear Reducer Specification 

NCJ with model 132, 180, 225, 280 and 315 types, motor could be matched with the reducer or we just supply the reducer without motor.

Installation and Application

NCJ series gear reducer is simpler installation, reliable transmission, more saving overall cost, better efficient cooling effect than traditional transmission method, it is easy installation and maintenance.


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