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NCFN-GS Series Dry-Wet Hybrid Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower

NCFN-GS Series Dry-Wet Hybrid Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower

Dry-Wet Hybrid Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower
The cooling system of NCFN-GS series integrates the attributes of wet and dry cooling, delivering optimal cooling performance, minimal energy consumption, and water conservation across varying ambient temperatures.



NCFN-GS Series Dry-Wet Hybrid Forced DraftClosed Cooling Tower

The cooling system of NCFN-GS series integrates the attributes of wet and dry cooling, delivering optimal cooling performance, minimal energy consumption, and water conservation across varying ambient temperatures. It is particularly well-suited for arid desert regions and harsh cold climates. Additionally, its forced draft system allows the low-noise operation and represents the optimal cooling solution for inadequately ventilated and noise-sensitive locations.




Dry-Wet Hybrid Cooling Mode

NCFN-GS cooling tower has the capability to adapt its operational modes in response to fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Dry Cooling Mode
When the temperature falls below -10℃ or the output temperature is lower than the set point, the spray pump will cease operation and the cooling tower will switch to dry cooling mode. This minimizes water evaporation during cold seasons and provides ice water in certain working conditions as an alternative to refrigeration, resulting in water and energy savings.

Wet Cooling Mode
When the temperature exceeds a specific threshold (-2℃), or when the output temperature surpasses a predetermined level, the spray pump initiates operation, causing the cooling tower to function in wet cooling mode. Evaporative cooling guarantees substantial cooling capacity.


Water saving, Energy conservation, Environmental protection

> In comparison to conventional wet cooling towers, it has the capability to diminish the utilization of spray water and decrease overall water consumption.
> By implementing intelligent control systems and advanced cooling technology, energy consumption reduction and energy utilization improvement could be achieved, resulting in significant electricity savings.
> Dry-wet hybrid cooling effectively minimize water mist emissions, resulting in a reduced environmental impact and enhanced eco-friendliness.




Operation& Maintenance Cost Saving

> The closed-circuit circulation system guarantees the purity of the cooling medium, minimizes water contamination, and decreases water treatment expenses. Furthermore, dry cooling mode is utilized during winter to significantly reduce the risk of freezing for cooling tower components. This not only lowers equipment operation and maintenance costs but also ensures the long-term stable operation of equipment.
> The product is factory assembly, transported and installed conveniently, ultimately saving valuable time and effort.



Forced Draft Centrifugal Fan Drive System

Big brand centrifugal fan which is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for air performance, sound, and FEG , featuring wheel blades, and belt pulley driving. It has undergone rigorous static and dynamic tests and is balanced to G2.5 grade, ensuring optimal cooling tower heat transfer performance with minimal noise. Big air volume, flow range from 1000m3h-100000m3h. The exceptional characteristics include robust stability, remarkable efficiency, minimal noise, and reduced power consumption.

Key Parts for Closed Circuit System And Dry-Wet Cooling Modes.

The fluid medium requiring cooling circulates through the
fin tube heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchange coil within the closed circuit system, ensuring cleanliness, reducing water treatment and maintenance expenses, and conserving precious water resources while efficiently cooling.

Fin tube heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchange coil are not only essential components of closed circuit systems, but also key elements of Dry-wet cooling modes.


Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Fin tube heat exchanger is constructed with stainless steel tubes and aluminum spiral fins, boasting robust anti-corrosion properties and enhanced stability. The structural design of the fin tube is intended to enhance the heat exchange area, optimize efficiency in heat transfer, facilitate complete air exchange with the fin tube, and ultimately achieve water-saving operation of equipment during both dry cooling and wet cooling stages. It can also effectively eliminate the occurrence of "white smoke" during winter operation of the cooling tower, thus ensuring a favorable working environment for the equipment and prolonging its service life.


Stainless Steel Heat Exchange Coil

The high-quality heat exchange coil utilizes a stainless steel serpentine bending tube and a sturdy framework, ensuring superior thermal performance and full contact with spray water for efficient heat exchange and effective cooling. The stainless steel heat exchange pipes are not only resistant to corrosion, but also lightweight and recyclable.


Cellular Type Easy-to-detach PVC Drift Eliminator

Efficiently extracting airborne water droplets, small wind resistance and an impressive capture rate of 99.99%, thus guaranteeing optimal heat transfer performance.



Uniform Water Distribution

The strategically positioned Three-splashed-Nozzles, evenly water distribution under low pressure flow; Large caliber and three splashed type design, not easy to block, enhance spray coverage and guarantee continuous effective spraying, ensuring the efficient cooling performance of cooling tower.


Heavy-duty Structure

The design features a compact structure, utilizing high-quality galvanized steel plate and stainless steel bolt fastening. Furthermore, it has the option to be upgraded to an all-stainless steel structure or NWN-Armour anti-corrosion structure, providing enhanced resistance against corrosion and extending its service life.

Optional Various Additional Functions
Two-speed& VFD variable frequency motor/ Vibration Cut-off Switch/ Electronic descaler/ Water treatment equipment/ Anti-freeze automatic heating system/ Noise reduction upgrade/ External maintenance platform and guardrail/Installation and maintenance boom etc.

Cost-effective Anti-Corrosion Solution
NWN-Armour Anti-corrosion Technology

Products coated with NWN-Armour anti-corrosion coating exhibit outstanding resistance to corrosion, approaching the qualities of stainless steel. They serve as a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel.

Reference Projects
NEWIN COOLING TOWER Vedio Link: https://www.youtube.com/@coolingtowernewin3278
Glanit Project 
> NCFN-GS series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Glanit poject in Russia.
Glanit Project
> NCFN-GS series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Glanit poject in Russia.
Glanit Project
> NCFN-GS series cooling tower- NEWIN cooling solution for Glanit poject in Russia.

Model Wet Cooling Free Cooling Fan Motor Data Spray Pump Total dimension(without silencer) Weight
Fluid Flow Cooling Capacity Capacity
Without Silencer With Silencer Power L W H Shipping Operation
m3/h kw kw Motor Power (kw) Noise
@ 15m
Motor Power
@ 15m
kw mm mm mm Kg Kg
NCFN-GS-L-850 149  863  120 11 55 18.5 34 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 4260 5700
186  1079  150 15 57 22 38 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 4670 6100
223  1295  179 18.5 62 30 40 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 5000 6500
NCFN-GS-L-1150 183  1063  148 15 57 22 38 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 5780 7200
214  1245  172 18.5 60 30 39 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 6240 7600
257  1494  208 30 65 37 42 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 5565 8200
NCFN-GS-L-1300 206  1195  165 18.5 59 22 39 3kw 6800 2200 3800 7570 9000
257  1494  207 30 65 37 43 3kw 6800 2200 3800 8070 9500
308  1793  247 37 68 45 47 3kw 6800 2200 3800 8570 9950
1. Standard Design Working Condition: Fluid in/out temperature: 35/30℃.
2. Standard design ambient wet/dry bulb temperature: 21/35℃.
3. Above data sheet based on 40% ethylene glycol solution fluid.
4. Please contact NEWIN sales representative if working condition not same as above standard design condition.
This table sample only contanins the data when issued, please do not use for engineering construction. Please further to confirm with sales and engineer about the detailed data before purchasing. If need muti-cells, please consult  the manufacturer to providethe solutions. NEWIN reserves the right to change the parameters or dimensions of the table without notice.


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