{"en":"Celebration of HPO Group Installed Well of Newin Cooling Towers","zh-cn":"庆祝HPO集团安装好钮盈冷却塔"}

Celebration of HPO Group Installed Well of Newin Cooling Towers

News 2020-11-13 16:16:43

Project location: Peru, South America
Cooling Tower: NSH-300L-SB 3 sets 
Circulation Pump: GDX200-48A 8 units
Company: HPO Group
Mainly in the production and commercialization of Biodiesel, Glycerin, Liquid Fuels, Aviation Fuels, LPG, NGV, CNG and other products derived from hydrocarbons.

Newin NSH series counter flow cooling tower  is designed with square type structure, the volume of prevailing air is minimized. Each part of the cooling tower is designed precisely and further permits easy installation and endurance. Capacity is available from 100 RT to 1000 RT.
Application: air conditioning system, petroleum, chemical industry metallurgy, circoulation system of electric power and etc.

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