{"en":"Mixed Flow Evaporative Fluid Coolers","zh-cn":"NWF系列复合流闭式冷却塔"}

Mixed Flow Evaporative Fluid Coolers

Mixed Flow Evaporative Fluid Coolers

NWF series Evaporative Fluid Coolers adopts composite flow cooling technology. Air is simultaneously sucked in and passed through the coil and the PVC heat exchange layer. Through evaporation and heat transfer, the heat is taken away from the spray water, cooling the coil and the fluid medium in the coil.

NWF series Evaporative Fluid Coolers is to flow the fluid medium that needs to be cooled in the high-efficiency serpentine heat exchanger, and the external spray system continuously wets the surface of the coil for cooling, so that the cooled medium passes through the partition wall heat exchange. The device exchanges heat with the spray water. The water sprayed on the coils flows through a section of PVC heat exchange layer with efficient cooling effect to be cooled and then falls into the water collection basin for recycling.


NWF series Evaporative Fluid Coolers is a closed loop cooling tower, Its pure coil cooling can accept high temperature water, water distribution method is uniform and reasonable, efficient heat exchange is not easy to be blocked, low noise, frequency conversion speed control, explosion-proof treatment and other optional additional configurations.

Applicable medium: water, oil, formaldehyde, quenching liquid, and other process circulating cooling media.
Technical Specification of NWF Series Mixed Flow Closed Cooling Tower
Item Cooling capacity 
Dimension (mm)         Fan Spray Pump Inlet/Outlet 
Weight (kg)
 Model Length Width Height Power 
Dry Wet
NWF-600 600 4300 2200 2560 3.0*3 1.5 100*2 2750 4500
NWF-750 750 4300 2200 2560 4.0*3 2.2 100*2 2950 5000
NWF-900 900 5100 2200 2560 4.0*4 2.2 100*2 3150 5500
NWF-1000 1000 5600 2200 3000 4.0*4 3.0 125*2 3350 6000
NWF-1150 1150 5600 2850 3750 5.5*3 4.0 125*2 3550 6300
NWF-1450 1450 5600 3250 3950 7.5*3 5.5 125*2    4150 6800


Entrance temp.  t1=37°C                    Leaving temp.    t2= 32°C          
Wet bulb temp.  tWB=28°C                Dry bulb temp.   tDB=31.5°C          Atmospheric pressure=99.4 KPa

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