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Mixed Flow Evaporative Cooler Closed Type Cooling Tower

Mixed Flow Evaporative Cooler Closed Type Cooling Tower

NWF series Mixed Flow Evaporative Cooler Closed Type Cooling Tower is available in capacity for single cell from 100 tons to 250 tons, various modular combinations of cooling towers are designed to meet different requirements.This cooling tower is highly used in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to medium processing applications.

NWF series Mixed Flow Evaporative Cooler Closed Type Cooling Tower is to flow the fluid medium that needs to be cooled in the high-efficiency serpentine heat exchanger, and the external spray system continuously wets the surface of the coil for cooling, so that the cooled medium passes through the partition wall heat exchange. The device exchanges heat with the spray water. The water sprayed on the coils flows through a section of PVC heat exchange layer with efficient cooling effect to be cooled and then falls into the water collection basin for recycling.


♦  Factory assembled, convenient transportation and installation
♦  Excellent heat exchange performance 
♦  Easy maintenance without stop working 
♦  Small cover area, low comprehensive investment
♦  Energying saving and environment friendly


Components Instruction


Axial Flow Fan

Uses cooling tower special aluminum alloy axial flow fan,forward type blade structure design, small wind resistance, big air volume, low noise, good performance, high efficiency. Streamline high strength fan stack gurantees airflow uniform through the fan inlet and outlet area, maximum reduce the energy comsuption. Fan motor's protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F class.


Cooling coil

Cooling coils as the core parts of closed cooling tower, are maded up of great quality copper coil or steel coil. Coil inside is through cooling medium, outside is cooled by water spray to meet the cooling requirement.
Steel coils (G type) are used by high quality Ф25 mm seamless fluid tube, and processed by H.D.G.(hot dip galvanised) to enhance the coil pipe anti-corrosion ability, extend service life.
Copper coils (T type) are used by T2 deoxidized acid copper tube, silver electrode is used to connect between the copper pipe and elbow welding, low solder joint and good quality, design pressure is 1.2MPa.


Aluminium Zinc Plate

Shell plate uses imported aluminium zinc plate, which is one of the strongest corrision resistance plate, service life is 3-6 times of ordinary galvanized sheet, with strong termal resistance, high heat resistance, beautiful appearance, ect.


Spray pump

Used great mechanical seal to prevent from the leakage, made by dedicated outdoor motor, and special configuration imported bearings, to ensure that the fan, water pump has long term reliable operation, low power, large flow, low noise, excellent performance, etc. The pump body is precision casting, strong and long service life.


Drift Eliminator

Original detachable eliminator adopts good performance PVC material, its special structure could change the air flow direction, effectively remove from the wet air moisture in the air, redeased the drift loss below 0.001%, maximum save the water, what's more, to make sure the area around cooling tower no pollution, and prevent from the germs spreading.


High Efficiency film fills

Hanging film type fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow. It incorporates highly efficient cellular eliminators and louvers, integrally molded within the fill sheets, preventing water from escaping and assuring precise air distribution throughout wide variations in airflow. Unlike towers equipped with separate external louvers, this fill operates virtually icefree even in extremely cold weather.


Advanced Water Distribution System

The spray system uses in a variety of high flow rate and anti clogging basket type nozzles, to ensure the continuous uniform water spraying on the surface of the coil. Under the help of induced air, water can cover all the coils to the utmost extent to do the complete heat exchage among water, air and refrigerant. In this case, heat transfer efficiency will increase dramatically. The nozzle is connected on spray pipe branch. When cleaning, the nozzles and spray pipe branch can be easily dismounted.

Optional Accessories

♦ Noise reduction upgrade                      ♦ Anti-Freeze heater
♦ Vibration isolator                                   ♦ Stainless steel casing and framework / bolts and nuts (304 / 316)
♦ High-temperature upgrade                   ♦ Dual-speed Motor & VFD motorAnti-Freeze heater


For more detailed description and specification, please click the above Download to get more information about LKH series mixed flow closed cooling towers. 

Technical Specification of NWF Series Mixed Flow Closed Cooling Tower
Item Cooling capacity 
Dimension (mm)         Fan Spray Pump Inlet/Outlet 
Weight (kg)
 Model Length Width Height Power 
Dry Wet
NWF-600 600 4300 2200 2560 3.0*3 1.5 100*2 2750 4500
NWF-750 750 4300 2200 2560 4.0*3 2.2 100*2 2950 5000
NWF-900 900 5100 2200 2560 4.0*4 2.2 100*2 3150 5500
NWF-1000 1000 5600 2200 3000 4.0*4 3.0 125*2 3350 6000
NWF-1150 1150 5600 2850 3750 5.5*3 4.0 125*2 3550 6300
NWF-1450 1450 5600 3250 3950 7.5*3 5.5 125*2    4150 6800


Entrance temp.  t1=37°C                    Leaving temp.    t2= 32°C          
Wet bulb temp.  tWB=28°C                Dry bulb temp.   tDB=31.5°C          Atmospheric pressure=99.4 KPa

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