{"en":"NCFN Series Dry-Wet Hybrid L Type Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower","es":"Torre de enfriamiento cerrada de ventilación obligatoria en forma de l de mezcla seca y húmeda de la serie ncfn","ru":"Сухая-мокрая гибридная градирня с принудительной тягой серии NCFN типа L","zh-cn":"干湿式强制通风冷却塔 NCFN-GS-L"}

NCFN Series Dry-Wet Hybrid L Type Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower

NCFN Series Dry-Wet Hybrid L Type Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower

Dry-Wet Hybrid L Type Forced Draft Closed Cooling Tower

Normal Model: NCFN-GS-L-850/1150/1300
Cooling Tower Type: Counter flow closed circuit cooling tower
Air Ventilation: Forced draft via centrifugal fan drive system
Cooling Mode: Wet cooling mode & Dry cooling mode 
Installation: Factory assembly & Convenient installation in height limited space
Cooling Tower Body:
Full steel framework and Z700 galvanized casing ( 304/316 stainless steel for option)



NCFN-GS-L dry-wet hybrid forced draft closed cooling tower is a type of counter flow closed circuit cooling tower which is specially designed for the application in desert area where lacking of water, the area which place temperature is extraordinary hot in summer but cold in winter season and which place with poor ventilation.



Dry Cooling Mode


When temperature is lower than a certain temperature(-10℃), or output temperature lower than a setted temperature, the spray pump stop working. cooling tower working under dry cooling mode. Minimize the amount of water evaporation in cold season and provide ice water instead of refrigeration system in some working conditions, save water and energy.

Wet Cooling Mode

When temperature is higher than a certain temperature(-2℃), or output temperature higher than a setted temperature, the spray pump start working. cooling tower working under wet cooling mode. Evaporative cooling ensures big cooling capacity.




> Forced Draft Centrifual Fan Drive System

Using the centrifugal fan, through static and dynamic test of production process, to meet the cooling tower heat transfer performance under the premise of maximum noise reduction. Centrifugal fan works isolated in the dry area, longer serive life.


> Fin Cooler
Fin Cooler installated in top of  the tower, hot water flows through the cooler could avoid white “smoke” generation during cold season.



> Stainless Steel Heat Exchange Coil
Stainless Steel Heat Exchange Coil,process fluid circulated through 304/316 stainless steel coil in closed loop system, reduced water treatment chemicals, reduced the cost of water consumption and reduced maintenance.

> PVC drift eliminator remove the exhaust air flow entrained water droplets. 


>Water distribution system uses PVC spray pipes and PP SPJT nozzles.
>Modular structure, use the high quality of Z700 galvanized anti-corrosion plates (304/316 stainless steel for option).





- Sinlencer
- Vibration Cut-off Switch
- Basin Heater
- Maintenance Platform




Model Wet Cooling Free Cooling Fan Motor Data Spray Pump Total dimension(without silencer) Weight
Fluid Flow Cooling Capacity Capacity
Without Silencer With Silencer Power L W H Shipping Operation
m3/h kw kw Motor Power (kw) Noise
@ 15m
Motor Power
@ 15m
kw mm mm mm Kg Kg
NCFN-GS-L-850 149  863  120 11 55 18.5 34 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 4260 5700
186  1079  150 15 57 22 38 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 4670 6100
223  1295  179 18.5 62 30 40 2.2kw 5600 2200 3800 5000 6500
NCFN-GS-L-1150 183  1063  148 15 57 22 38 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 5780 7200
214  1245  172 18.5 60 30 39 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 6240 7600
257  1494  208 30 65 37 42 2.2kw 6200 2200 3800 5565 8200
NCFN-GS-L-1300 206  1195  165 18.5 59 22 39 3kw 6800 2200 3800 7570 9000
257  1494  207 30 65 37 43 3kw 6800 2200 3800 8070 9500
308  1793  247 37 68 45 47 3kw 6800 2200 3800 8570 9950
1. Standard Design Working Condition: Fluid in/out temperature: 35/30℃.
2. Standard design ambient wet/dry bulb temperature: 21/35℃.
3. Above data sheet based on 40% ethylene glycol solution fluid.
4. Please contact NEWIN sales representative if working condition not same as above standard design condition.

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