What the features of the closed cooling tower 2019-07-30

Closed cooling tower structure features:

1, The Ventilation Device

The indoor and outdoor environment using three fan, IP55, insulation class is F, ensure the service life.Low noise, high transmission efficiency, meet water will not skid.Type wind tunnel, aerodynamic, make full use of the theory of gas flow field in the equalization, narrowed the eddy zone, reduce the flow resistance, make the air export momentum loss decreased by 34%, help to improve the efficiency of fan air volume and fan, reduce air flow, reduce noise.

2, Spray Device

Spray pipes are all made of UPVC pipe, light weight, small flow resistance, corrosion resistance, can be used more than 20 years.High quality ABS shower nozzle, spray evenly, high flow coefficient, no jam, easy to replace.Spray pump with large flow low head pump, outdoor motor insulation class F IP55 protection level.Stainless steel filter can effectively isolate sundry, low water pump suction to ensure that the suction always smooth, but closed cooling tower spray pump are characterized by their smooth operation and reliable, easy maintenance, etc.

3, Collect Water Device

Closed water device use PVC high efficient water cleaner, bleaching water as low as people can't perceive, negligible.Light weight, no corrosion, oxygen index is more than 40, flame retardant performance better.Can also according to customer's need to adopt stainless steel material.

  Sculpt by the professional and technical personnel optimization, reduce the shell, to reduce the height, weight, size and increase the harmonic environment of technology and diversity of floor layout.

4, Structure OTower Body
  (1)  the tower line configuration is complete, the closed cycle technology, greatly reducing the user water consumption, reduce the operation cost. 
  With antiseptic force super hot dip galvanized steel scaffold material, external anticorrosion paint, double anti-corrosion treatment, prolong the service life of products. 
  (2)  module combination, can flexible use of the space, wide range of conditions, need to choose according to the load, cooling module can be any combination, and modular design makes equipment manufacturing and installation cycle is shorten, reduces the project cost.

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