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What is turbine cooling tower ?

water turbine
A new type of cooling tower which driven by a water turbine instead of driven by electric motor. No motor,no power, no gear box design, makes the cooling tower easy repairing and low maintenance rate, and saving energy.

How does turbine cooling tower work ?


Turbine fan driven by the rest superfluous kinetic energy of the water. All cooling tower project will have water pump(s) to ensure the success transporting the water to cooling tower and make sure the inlet pressure at cooling tower are high enough for well distribution of water. Usually, Engineer will give a little bigger(10%-30%) model to ensure the stable operation of cooling system.As to the bigger pump, it waste A fair amount of kinetic energy at the inlet of cooling tower. Turbine cooling tower special recovered the superfluous kinetic energy as power source of fan.

turbine cooling tower working principle

Why turbine cooling tower ?

# Energy saving
It  recovered the superfluous kinetic energy of water pump. 
# Explosion-proof
Turbine cooling tower don't have electric motor inside, so no need the connection to electric resource.It can achieve anti-explosion requirements and save lots of cost for equipping the explosion-proof motor.
# Easy maintenance
Because of motor-less and direct drive design, It makes the maintenance work more simple. Not worry about water corrosion to motor and gear reducer.
# Safety operation
No electricity wire to the cooling tower makes more safety for operation the cooling tower. and workers can maintenance the cooling tower without power off.

Is turbine cooling tower good in cost efficiency ?

We take cross flow cooling tower 100 m³/h for example(4KW motor):
In China, industry electric charge is 0.17 USD/KWH, and energy consumption of  If cooling tower operation model is 24 hours per day(260 days per year), and 5 working days per week. Total electric charge for one year should be: 

Electric charge =24*260*4*0.17=4243USD
We can see the electric charge for one year is almost same cost of the turbine cooling tower RTS-100-1. And considering the serve life of cooling tower as long as 15 years. It means pay for 1 years electric charge but get 15 year's free operation of cooling tower. Therefore, The cost of turbine cooling towers will be greatly lower than the normal motor drive cooling towers.


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