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The evolutionary history of closed cooling tower 2016-08-22

The evolutionary history of closed cooling tower

  Closed cooling tower brought great convenience to our life, but how closed cooling tower is developed?Let's parse the evolutionary history of closed cooling tower.
The first generation: pool of water cooling
  Pool cooling principle is very simple, and very intuitive, cost is low, water cooling is to belong to a natural cooling way of initial cooling method.Such as quenching liquid cooling pool is a typical case, cooling pool there are a lot of disadvantages, when summer high temperature weather tends to be because of the water temperature is too high and cannot continue to produce, because it is the most important still is cooling medium in direct contact with the air which contain stuff very much, seriously affect the cooling effect;And around the pool oil on ground, not beautiful and health or safety, reduced the enterprise image and affect the product quality improvement.At present most companies do not use pool cooling to production.Cooling pool below.

The second generation of open type cooling tower with pools of water cooling
  This generation than the previous generation of cooling form can better solve the problem of high temperature in summer can't work, open type cooling tower of the raw materials are mostly glass fiber reinforced plastic and PVC filler (i.e., packing), low cost, strong practicability, covers an area of less, so until now is still widely used in various industries and fields.But with the progress of production and living, the cooling demand is higher and higher, the second generation of faults also gradually was found to be in the form of cooling: need to pool of excavation, covers an area of big, isn't very convenient for transportation and installation, maintenance, and trival, water resources and serious energy waste and environmental pollution, scale to produce pipeline jam, etc.;On the use of precision equipment will also be due to insufficient cooling, water temperature higher factors cause the damage of components, the serious influence production efficiency, so the open type cooling tower with pool cooling way, there is limitation.The diagram below.

The third generation of open type cooling tower excavation pool with plate heat exchanger
  Plate heat exchanger used in open type cooling tower cooling method can effectively solve the generation of the pipe blockage caused by scaling the problem, because of its compact structure, easy tear open outfit and transport, heat transfer effect is good, have been widely applied in various fields.But the cooling system of a generation of only have the ability to heat "exchange" and "cooling" capability is not apparent, again through an external circulation system to match heat exchange.So the third generation of cooling form is relatively complex, investment cost is higher also.Plate heat exchanger the diagram below.

The birth of the fourth generation of closed cooling tower
  Closed cooling tower material of coil heat exchanger can choose T2 copper, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium material, good heat transfer performance, high cooling efficiency, anti-corrosion ability.A cooling medium into a flow in the coil of snake around, through to the outside of the coil and the top of the tower with air spray, the tap water to heat exchange, heat is the fan discharge outside the tower.This way efficient energy-saving water conservation, environmental protection, coil medium because it is a closed cycle, purity is very high, reduce the equipment failure rate, prolong the service life of the equipment, improve the production efficiency.Closed cooling tower in the factory, the internal system has been installed, as long as do a good job selection, to the scene, just in and out of the heat exchanger pipes, water interface is connected, connect the power supply can run, for the user to save a lot of installation time.

The characteristics of closed cooling tower can be summarized as follows:
▶ closed circulating cooling system, to prevent dust and other debris into the coolant pipeline caused by congestion
▶ cooling medium for soft water, scale cannot be generated
▶ tower with set water tank, pump to the top of the tower spray down, without digging pool, small volume covers an area of small, is very convenient installation and maintenance
▶ characteristic of the automatic electric control digital display temperature control function, simple operation, save energy more prominent

▶ initial purchase cost a little higher, but the equipment service life is long, use for maximum during the period of repair and maintenance of water saving and energy saving, no red tape, etc., use for a long time down instead is lower than the cost of the open type cooling tower.   

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