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SYPL series side stream filter is using the principle of low voltage electric field and high pressure electrostatic field of superposition pulse, adjust processing signal source and the cell configuration according to the water quality conditions, side stream processing the water quality. It is not only the latest research results of founded project (approval no. : 59738150) from national natural science foundation, and it is also at the international leading position technology. SYPL series side stream filter developed on the basis of whole water flow filter, it is suitable for the circulating water system of sterilization alga and processing of descaling and removal of suspended solids in water.

Working Principle
♦ Efficient pulse low voltage electric field capture the scale ion in the water.
♦ Electric field produces excellent anti-scaling function of micro-crystalline, last anti scale 48 hours.
♦ Catalytic activity of strong sterilization factor, such as patent electrode produces reactive oxygen species exterminate bacteria and algae
♦ Active substances forms format Fe3O4 dense protective film on carbon steel water pipe wall to prevent corrosion.

♦ Suspended substance drain out by the filler, make water clean.


 Major Function
♦ Kill bacteria
♦ Kill legionella
♦ Destroy Algae
♦ Antifouling and eliminate scales
♦ Prevention pipeline corrosion
♦ Removal of suspended solids
♦ Central air conditioning cooling, refrigerant water
♦ Industrial cooling circulating water system
♦ Refrigeration circulating water system
♦ Heat exchange system
♦ Cooling tower system

Treatment Effect
♦ Free of scale on heat exchanges surface, maintains efficient heat transfer
♦ Total number of bacteria is lower than the national standard specified value
♦ No breeding of algae
♦ Kill legionella, reached the national standard,
♦ Forms Fe3O4 dense protective film, solves yellow rust water problem
♦ Water quality reached national industrial circulating cooling water quality standard(GB50050-95)

Microbes Can Be Killed

Green algae, chlorella, grid column, naked algae, volvox, reality has found, bent on algae, fork star drum, horn, Algae, spirulina, microcystin algae, diatoms, etc

Technical Specification

Input power ~220V 50Hz Anti-scale Rate 100%
water temp. 0~50 Sterilizing Rate 99%
Pressure drop 4-7m Algicide Rate 97%
Applicant Water Hardness <700mg/L(CaCO3) Legionella National standard
Corrosion Rate National standard


Selection Guide

Model Main pipe dimension(mm) Water Flow Rate(m³/h) Side Stream Pipe(mm) Diran Out Pipe(mm)
SYPL-25 80-150 50-180 25 25
SYPL-32 150-200 180-320 32 25
SYPL-40 200-300 320-710 40 25
SYPL-50 300-350 710-1000 50 25
SYPL-65 350-450 1000-1600 65 40
SYPL-80 450-700 1600-3500 80 40
SYPL-100 >700 >3500 100 40

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