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RTS series turbine drive cross flow cooling tower is designed on basis of cross flow fan motor cooling tower, which is used to save more power and cost for the end user.

In the reaction turbine, water is full of the whole wheel flow channel, special flow channel with turbo flow pressurizing ability. All leaf met water impact at the same time, so under the low water head, hydraulic turbine can guarantee the biggest fan of kinetic energy output. Meanwhile, counterattack turbine is equipped with tail pipe, the role is to flow at the exit of kinetic energy recovery again. Without any increase in circulating water pump electric, it reduces a lot of motor electric loss of the traditional cooling towers.

Cross Flow Turbine Cooling Tower Structure


  1.  Fan Guard

  2. Fan

  3. Fan stack

  4. Ladder

  5. Ladder Yard

  6. Coaming

  7. Tower Support

  8. Auto Feed

  9. Water Outlet

10. Quick Feed

11. Overflow

12. Drain

13. Water Inlet

14. Water Basin

15. Internal Ladder

16. Infill Support

17. Infill

18. Baffle Board

19. Distribution Basin

20. Distribution Basin Cover

21. Water Distribution

22. Distributed Water Pipe

23. Turbine

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