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NWQ Series Crosswind Low Noice Square Cooling Tower

NWQ series cooling tower as a type of cross flow square type cooling tower, which is special designed for the installation area required low noise and little influence to the residential area. 


1. High efficiency and low water drift

Using high efficiency and energy saving fan that makes energy consumption decrease a lot, additionally, by using proper water to steam ratio and high efficiency heat dissipation fill film, there is evenly designed cellular air deflector structure before and behind the fill, which makes air in and out of the cooling tower more even and smooth, the cooling effect is guaranteed perfectly, also makes water drift rate lowest (less than 0.01% of the total amount of water).

2. Corrosion resistant and long lifetime

Reasonable structure is strong and durable. All accessories are well climate adaption and good corrosion resistant such as chassis, air bellow, side plate are all made of good quality FRP material, all steel parts are processed through heat influx zinc,

  which improves the capability of corrosion resistant largely and prolongs its lifetime.

3. Low noise

NWQ crosswind cooling tower making use of high efficiency, hyperstatic and wide blade axial fan, which lower the noise level to the largest extent while running, meanwhile, it guarantees the air quantity that a certain cooling effect needs.

Components Instruction


Fully enclosed type, with protection grade: IP55,   and insulation class:  F.  Smooth operation, low failure rate. Options: Siemens, ABB motor, etc.

Fan and Reducer

Adopting low speed, big chord length and width of blade fan, with characteristic of stable wind speed, low noise, few eddy current and high efficiency, etc. Enough air flow can be easily get at low rotating speed of the fan, what’s more, the cooling tower fan blade angle can also be adjusted according to different climate condition, therefore, the cooling tower can not only be ensured in the rough conditions but meet the operation requirements of users.


Brand new PVC infill is vacuum formed of 0.3 thickness or more thicker PVC film with excellent chemical and high distortion resistance, big coefficient of heat transfer, small wind resistance, high ventilation performance. 

We have different materials to suit different water temperature. What's more, the PVC filler's compact package design is convenient to take out for cleaning, and the special designed configuration of the filling incorporates the function of drift eliminator, louver and wet deck surface.



Steel Structure 

Hop-dip galvanized steel framework to keep the cooling tower great performance and long lifespan, good anti-corrosion, guarantee the use of more than 15 years. Stainless steel hardware parts are also available for options if somewhere special condition needed.

Distribution System

Hot water distribution system is used F.R.P parts, non-corrosive and long life, and are specially designed for uniform distributing and ease of inspection. A distribution cover is attached on top to prevent    water from splashing out and other dirt to come into the water.   




Inspection Door

Inspection doors are used to provide a convenient access to the interior for inspection, maintenance, adjustment of the internal parts, like float valve, cleaning up the lift-out strainer and flushing of the water basin.


Optional Parts

  • Handrail & safety caged ladder
  • vibration isolator & Rubber mat
  • High-temperature components

  • Water basin heater
  • Stainless steel framework / Bolts & Nuts

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