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Newin Industrial Usage Cooling Tower (NWI series)

NWI Seires Industrial Cooling Tower is widely used in industries of Electric Power, Petroleum, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Fertilizer, Smelt, etc. Cooling water capacity ranges from 800 m3/h - 4000 m3/h. According to Customers' request, we also supply high temperature type, sewage type, and also designed to different shape to match with the customer's site location.


Components Instruction

Tower framework

It is made of steel,  pipe and square tube, etc to composed of a space frame, taken effective anti-corrosion measures for components, overall stability, good rigidity.

Fan stack

F.R.P material, with steel tension bar and protector, and includes reasonable aerodynamic performance design, to make the Fan stank great strength and high efficiency. 

Sprinkler system

Used pipe distribution, distribution nozzle is imported USA DESP's technology, its salient features is gravity without pressure, spraying water as   uniform square, adjustable spraying area, which made the cooling tower water distribution more reasonable, but also greatly reduce the energy

consumption of cooling tower.     


Used 100% raw material sheet PVC material infill, its unique twill design and honeycomb structure,  which made high efficiency of heat exchange. According to customers' request and circulation water condition, other type of infill could be supplied. 

Howden Brand Fan Assembly

The Howden D-Series is a highly efficient cooling fan which combines the highest aerodynamic performance with very low power consumption. Large air volume, high efficiency, low noise, corrosion resistant.


ABB / SIMENS brand motor,IP55,Class F

Sumitomo Brand Gear Reducer
Sumitomo reducer, horizontal, low noise, high efficiency and reliable lubrication, maintenance is convenient, equipped with oil moderate vibration alarm device. The service factor: 2.0

Murphy Brand Vibration Switch

Original imported Murphy brand vibration switch ensure the stable and long term reliable service life.



Control and Energy Saving

VFD control
Two-speed motor
Reversible cooling fan
Remote control, Promote reset
Earthquake prevention level: M8.0
Typhoon prevention level: L 13



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