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Newin Fanless Environment Friendly Cooling Tower (NWE series)

NWE series Fanless cooling towers are to  achieve high inlet/outlet water temperature difference (Δt) efficiency performance and reduce noise and operation cost when maintenance the cooling tower. 

Environmental friendly and low energy consumption

NWE fanless cooling tower is born on basis of environmental protection, without fan and motor and other moving parts, which totally consists of static parts, all tested by national authorized institution, which completely comply with national standard GB7190.0-2008 on super low noise cooling tower, it is super low noise (Type C cooling tower).

Excellent heat dissipation
The latest patent sprayer technology is the core of NWE cooling tower, which makes spraying water fulfill maximum, the diameter of nozzle is less than 0.05mm, so it highly improves the contact area and time between the cooling water and air. 

Little splash, water saving

NWE fanless cooling tower is using water flow pressure device instead of traditional fan, vertical and parallel air outlet design, the air exhaust speed is far lower than mechanical air draft tower, also it is equipped with high efficiency Z water collector that makes splashing water lowest, the loss of splash rate is only 0.001% .   

No moving parts like fan, motor and gearbox, etc. , the main equipment is unnecessary to stop for maintenance, these moving parts are mostly fragile, it is a tough problem to replace them for user,  The NWE  Fanless cooling tower only needs to clean recycling water, infill which do lower the cost of maintenance and risk of fault largely.

Strong and durable structure

NWE cooling tower using steel structure that is processed through hot galvanization, more durable, additionally, the main materials of cooling tower can be customized according to user's needs, stainless steel and glass fiber structures are available. 



NWE Fanless Cooling Tower

Fan Motor Cooling Tower

Cooling Method

Exhausting is enforced by Cooling water 

ejection and not by mechanical force.

Cooling exhausted with the help of induced 

0r forced draft fan motor and gear reducers.

Noise Control

No fan, motor or gear box, the noise from 

cooling tower is lower than any other low 

noise type Cooling Tower.

Fan, motor and gear boxes are used, high

noise and vibration 

Structural Type

No costly structural parts, like fan, motor, 

reducer or gearbox, etc.

Heavy type structural is required being motor 

system and Cooling is achieved only by internal fills.

Power Consumption

No fan, but need higher pumping head. 

Overall power consumption will be less 

than that of Fan motor  towers.

Small pumping head, but power consumption 

of Fan motor and water pump is more than 

fanless cooling tower

Drift loss 

Drift loss between 0.001% and 0.009% 

depends on ejection pressure, water loss 

is 95% less than of traditional tower.

More drift loss than Fanless towers because 

Fan motor force is there. 

Operation & 


All the tower parts are non moving parts 

and all these parts are anti-corrosive, 

maintenance is very easy.

Electrical motor maintenance and consumables 

are unavoidable.



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