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NTG SERIES Concrete Body Cooling Tower

newin concrete body cooling tower

A type of cooling tower that designed and certificated by The fourth Ministry of Machine-Building Industry of China. It is a type of cooling tower that special designed for heavy industry such as, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation etc.

Components and Parts

Frame Structure
fan stack
Reinforced concrete frame structure, Internal steel support are made of galvanized steel, or galvanized steel with bituminous epoxy painting.

Fan Stack

Newin concrete cooling tower using high strength FRP air stack. The thickness of FRP panels are more than 10 mm. The big thickness and molding forming, makes the air stock high strength, and long service life. 

Howden Brand Fan Assembly

The Howden D-Series is a highly efficient cooling fan which combines the highest aerodynamic performance with very low power consumption. Large air volume, high efficiency, low noise, corrosion resistant.

Sumitomo Brand Gear Reducer

Sumitomo reducer, horizontal, low noise, high efficiency and reliable lubrication, maintenance is convenient, equipped with oil moderate vibration alarm device. The service factor: 2.0
howden cooling fansumitomo gear reducerABB motor

ABB motor,IP55,Class F

Newin concrete cooling tower adopts power station cooling tower special infill. Which sheets are two-stage formed. Big rigidity, large surface area, good redistribution ability. With two-way bump install head, easy bonding, none easy blocked. Materials is flame retardant PVC modified material. Comply with international standards.

Murphy Brand Vibration Switch

Original imported Murphy brand vibration switch ensure the stable and long term reliable service life.   

Control and Energy Saving

newin concrete cooling tower
VFD control
Two-speed motor
Reversible cooling fan
Remote control, Promote reset

Earthquake prevention level: M8.0
Typhoon prevention level: L 13




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