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LKM series closed circuit cooling tower (counter flow), with fills-less design, Cooling process occurred between air and coil. Which makes cooling tower more compact and system more simple compare to cross flow closed circuit cooling tower. 

Operation Principle

Fresh air take into cooling tower from air inlet grid at the bottom part.Ascending fresh air meets the falling hot water , formation of saturated humid air. The saturated air discharged by the top axial cooling fan. During discharging the saturated air, water in the air is keep back by the drift eliminator, and falling back to bottom basin. Newin counter flow closed circuit cooling tower adopts fill-less design, saved lots of space for installing more coil cooler. Compacted structure small space occupied. Especially suite for working condition that output temperature not far from the wet bulb temperature.



Large Internal Space

Humanized structure design, large access door, interior space is capacious, the maintenance personnel can easily finish maintenance works in side cooling tower.newin closed circuit cooling tower

Non-stop Maintenance

The maintenance work to floating ball valve and filter net can be processed during cooling tower continuous working status.

Excellent heat exchange performance

Fills less design, saves space for more coil cooler. Increased the heat exchanging area.

Smaller wind resistance

Because cooling system does not have film fill. Greatly reduced the air resistance. Save power and better ventilation performance.

Simple maintenance work

Fills-less design, makes system more simple, No need to clean and replace the film fill.

Smaller occupied area

Compacted structure makes occupied area much smaller.



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