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LKGS series Dry-Wet Cooling Tower is a type of closed circuit cooling tower designed to special applicant in desert area where lacking of water. But temperature is extraordinary hot in summer but cold in winter season. The Dry-Wet working mode can save water and energy in cold season and ensure enough cooling capacity in hot season.

Hybrid design, Dry-Wet operation mode, Anti-freezen, High performancein during hot season, Save energy during cold season. Closed circuit design ensures high water quality.

Dry Cooling Mode

When temperature is lower than a certain
temperature(-10℃), or output temperature lower
than a setted temperature, the spray pump stop
working. cooling tower working under dry
cooling mode. No evaprating loss, save water
and energy.

Wet Cooling Mode

When temperature is higher than a certain
temperature(-2℃), or output temperature higher
than a setted temperature, the spray pump sart
working. cooling tower working under wet
cooling mode. Evaporative cooling ensures big
cooling capacity.


Automatically Switch

The controller can automatically switch on/off the wet cooling mode according to setted condition. Controller integrated with tempearture sensor, Temperature controller, Sequence start/stop, Star-Delta start(if needed), Safety protection, Error alarm, Anti-freezen, VFD control(options) functions and other special controls according to user's working condition.


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