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stainless cooling tower

LKB Series square type cross flow stainless steel cooling tower, is atype of cooling tower that developed according to market development requirements, Based on advanced technology at home and abroad, With reference to the “ China GB7190.1-2008 standard", LKB series cooling tower has many advantages such as high efficiency, low noise, good appearance, easy installation and maintenance, strong anti-corrosion etc. 




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LKB series square type cross flow stainless steel cooling tower uses 304# steel as the basic construction material. Frame works made of 304# SUS channel steel, Side panel made of thermal isolated 304# SUS plate, prevents the external heat into the tower and insulation, damps the vibration. Modular design of tower casing, makes it high strength, good rigidity, nice appearance, convenient assembly. Water basin Splice joint by stainless steel thicken plate, sealed by waterproof  mat. Stainless steel material, resistant to acid and alkali, effectively eliminate the oxidation on the surface of the galvanized.  

Components Instruction


Frame Structure

High quality 304 # stainless steel raw materials, machinery equipment and standard mold made, guarantee and the product standardization and quality stability. Design of frame can be made according the installation area, convenient assembly by singles or multi-cell. Tower structure can withstand 150 kg/m2 wind pressure, 12 grade typhoons and magnitude 8 grade earthquake.


High quality 304 # stainless steel raw materials, processed into lining type thermal insulation material of stainless steel plate, improved the strength of casing and heat insulation performance. Beautiful appearance, shock absorbing, noise reducing.


Water Basin

Splice joint by stainless steel thicken plate, integrated with anti-vortex device, water outlet flange, drain outlet, filling and overflow outlet. Effectively prevent the cooling water pumping out phenomenon.

Air Stack

Using 304 # stainless steel material air stack.


Using hanging type film fill, No need adhesive. Integrated with air draft, heat dissipation, drift elimination functions. Cellular intake structure makes the wind speed is more uniform, small wind resistance, and effectively prevent the garbage takes into the cooling tower. Special ripple on the surface of the fills, increases the time that water stay on the surface of film fill, also increases the thermal efficiency of cooling tower.


LKB series cooling tower use Siemens brand high efficiency TEFC cooling tower motor. High quality, long service term.


Axial flow fan, aluminum alloy material

Drive system

Belts and gear reducer drive, use enclosed waterproof structure. Anti-corrosive processed main shaft.

ABB motor      belts drive

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