How to reduce the noise of cooling tower on infill 2019-07-30

How to reduce the noise of cooling tower infill 

  Along with the application of cooling tower in the industrial production more and more widely, the packing noise pollution is becoming more and more serious, how to solve the problem of the noise pollution in the cooling tower, is the focus of each workshop concerned.Shenzhen engaged in cooling tower of corporate governance there are many ways of cooling tower noise, can begin from many aspects, today we through the analysis of noise source, from the tower and put forward the solution of the noise source in related tower is as follows:

  1, the cooling tower noise treatment principle

  Cooling tower noise at work without any block will direct radiation outside the tower of the external environment, the serious influence the voice of the surrounding environment.In the cooling tower is refers to the noise barriers, can absorb sound source noise and to a certain extent, prevent the spread of noise attenuation, the purpose of a sound insulation and noise reduction.

  2, pay attention to the form of noise barrier structure

  The types of noise barriers is more, its structure is generally divided into the ground and underground this two parts, the ground is the top of the fan structure sound-absorbing body can effectively absorb the noise.Underground part mainly bearing structure, which is used to guarantee the overall structure of the solid foundation.Noise barrier height and width as well as the distance is the distance of the tuyere, needs to be confirmed according to the situation.Set the noise barrier can be transmitted from the noise source of noise will come to a minimum.Specific reference articles before types of noise barriers in the treatment of the noise.

  3, choose the right material

  Cooling tower noise should choose suitable material in the governance of noise barriers, we can see from the above description noise barriers is divided into two parts, the part can choose on the aluminum alloy, brick wall and polyester fiber can be resistant to ageing of corrosion resistant materials;Can choose the following parts of the right material such as concrete and steel.

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