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Product Introduction

KTX series single-stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump, With the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, reasonable structure, excellent versatility, high reliability, convenient maintenance, widely used for central air conditioning cooling system, water supply, fire fighting system, pipeline pressurization, swimming pool water, fountains, water supply, high-rise buildings water supply, transmission medium water or similar physical and chemical property of water liquid etc.

CapacityKTX pump structure
Water inlet diameter: 125~250mm
Water capacity: 60~720m3/h
Head: 12.5~52m
Motor power: 5.5~110kw
Speed: 1450/1480 r/min
Fluid temperature: ≤80℃
Environmental temperature: <40℃

Model Meaning


● Directly driven, Its advantage is convenient installation and maintenance and It easy to remove the impeller during maintenance work. user just simply need to move the motor, and not need to move the pump body, inlet and outlet parts.
● Balance hole structure, In order to balance the axial force of pump, KTX pump use the balance hole structure.
● Use wear-resisting mechanical sealing device, ensure the stable operation, reliable, long life
● Using precision casting impeller, high strength axis and imported bearings.
● To ensure product quality, the impeller material optional provides wear-resisting cast iron and cast copper, the user can selected according to demand.

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