Guangdong Feiyang Group Donated 4 Millon RMB to Dongguan Polytechnic Institute at Dec.12, 2017. 2019-07-30

Chairman Mr. Zhang Jinsong on behalf of Guangdong Feiyang Group donated 4 million yuan to Dongguan Polytechnic Institute on December. 12, 2017, which jointly promotes the construction of cooling tower testing and energy conservation research laboratory in the University.


Guandong Feiyang Group, a local company that grew up in Dongguan has been established for 21 years. Its subsidiaries Linko, Ryoden, Newin brand Cooling Tower, and HaiLong Pump have continuously upgraded and optimized quality and supporting service, gaining user's praise and approval for years. With the goal of "innovation in industry and splendid in one hundred years", Guangdong Feiyang has developed into a group enterprise integrating R & D and production of components of cooling tower, water pump, motor and related industry chain.


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