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cross flow cooling tower NST-800
Product Origin Guangdong
Shipping Port Shenzhen
Color Yellow/White/Gray/Blue
Lead Time 30 working days
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Cross flow cooling tower, a type of cooling tower which water falling from the top tower vertically, air flow
through the water spray packing horizontally. Water and air flows orthogonally.  


1)  Technical data of cross flow square type cooling tower NST-800





Basic data



Cross flow square type





 Water flow

800 m3/h


 Inlet/outlet temperature



 Wet bulb temperature



 Cooling capacity

4,000,000 kcal/h


 Noise value

64.5 dB(A)

Standard point

 Power supply



 Water quality



Design data

 Gas-water ratio



 Water resistance



 Drift loss



 Evaporating loss



 Net weight / Running weight

 6,080 kg/18,200 kg


Fan data

 Fan type



 Air flow

120,000 m3/h x 4


 Static pressure



 Fan rotate speed

350 r/min



2,400 mm


 Blade quantity

4 pcsset


 Motor power

7.5kW x 4


 Type of drive

Direct drive


 Motor starting method




 L × W × H

12,160×4,300×3,700 mm


 Inlet pipe dimension (DN)



 Outlet pipe dimension (DN)





Fully enclosed anti- water type



Aluminum alloy


 Panelair stack



 Water basin, suction tank

 Sprinkler system

 In fill


Fire-resistance type

 Motor support, framework

Hot-dip galvanized steel 

Comply with BS EN

ISO14611999 standard

2) Outline dimension of cross flow square type cooling tower NST-800, 4 cells unit

NEWIN cooling tower cross flow NST-800 outline drawing


3) Foundation of cross flow square type cooling tower NST-800, 4 cells unit

NEWIN cross flow cooling tower NST-800 foundation drawing


※ We reserve the right to modify the above information without further notice.

The main parts of cooling tower consists of motor, cooling fan, infill, water distributing system, water basin, frame work, F.R.P casing, etc. We use great quality of the cooling tower parts to make sure the great performance and long lifespan of the Newin cooling towers. If customers have other special requirements for the cooling tower, we will try our best to satisfy their needs.


 NST motor  cooling tower fan  cross flow fills  water distributing basin
 cross flow FRP casing  HDGS steel structure  pulley reducer  floate ball valve


Parts  Material  Remark

Water Basin

 F.R.P Water-resistance resin and high quality fiberglass mat


 F.R.P Water-resistance resin and high quality fiberglass mat
 Motor  Cast Iron Fully enclosed anti water type(TEFC), Siemens / ABB  motors for optional
 Motor support  Hot dip galvanized  steel  In accordance with BS EN ISO1461:1999 standard


 A.B.S Aluminum alloy material multi-blades low fan

 Driven system

  Hot dip galvanized steel  Belts and pulley or Gear reducer


 P.V.C  film Hanging up type film fill with integrated drift eliminator, UPC, PP material as optional

 Flame work  

 Hot dip galvanized steel   Stainless steel 304, 316 for optional

 Water distributing system

 F.R.P.  Top water distributing water basing


 P.V.C  PVC blade type eliminators e

 Bolts & Nuts 

 Electroplated   Stainless steel 304, 316 for optional

Cooling tower is mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, frozen industry, injection molding, tanning, foaming, electricity, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling, etc.  Those industries  could be divided into 4 categories as follows:
♦  Air temperature adjust : air conditioning, refrigerator, freezer, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc.;
♦  Manufacturing and processing: the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel mills, chemical industry, petrochemical products, etc.;
♦ Cooling the running machines: mechanical operation of the generator, steam turbine, air compressor, hydraulic press, engine, etc.;
♦  other industries...


Below is some cross flow square type cooling towers' project in different industries.

 cross flow cooling tower  newin cross flow cooling tower 
 cross flow FRP cooling tower  newin cooling tower
 yellow color square cooling tower  cross flow project
 newin cooling tower  newin cooling tower

Drawing and parameters:

Technical specification of cooling tower NST-800  4cell unit

Outline dimension drawing of cooling tower NST-800  4cell unit

Foundation size and construction drawing of cooling tower NST-800  4cell 


The list technical details shall not be binding unless confirmed in writing by NEWIN. 

We reserve the rights to modify the technical details without further notice.
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  • 700RT modular size FRP cooling tower Counter Flow Round Type Cooling Tower NRT-700

    NRT series cooling towers' performance was strictly examined by "Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of National Glass work" in 2006, the result showed NRT series cooling towers completely comply with all national standards.   Design Features NRT series counter flow induced draft cooling tower is designed with bottle type structure, So that the volume of prevailing air is minimized. Every part of the cooling tower is designed and made precisely and further permits easy installation and endurance due to light weight and strong structure. The testing report of cooling capacity proves its high efficiency.   Casing and Water Basin Adopting small ventilation resistance packing and special designed FRP/aluminum alloy high efficiency fan, greatly reduced the motor power. Smaller motor power are designed for low noise model, save more power, double speed motor for optional to power saving according to customers’ special requirements.Fiberglass reinforced polyester(FRP) is applied with water-resistance resin and high quality fiberglass mat. With good moisture, high gel,high strength, spray the gel-coat on FRP parts by machine and is thermal formed. The surface is as smooth as mirror and could resist ultraviolet radiation. Also, it is colorfast and durable.   Fan Blades Aluminum alloy axial flow fan with adjustable pitch blades are applied and being balanced so that it can operation stably and quietly. Blades of fan can be adjusted according to the requirement of air volume.To assure that the maximum effective of exhausting air.     Fan Drive Small capacity cooling tower adopts direct drive low noise fan. Bigger capacity fan equipped with Belt drive speed reducer. Adjust belt tension through automatic spring to save the manual maintenance. Total enclosed structure can assure the low noise operation. This series of cooling tower have passed the GB7190.1-1997 quality certification of supper low noise. Further more the belt is durable without negative effect from water vapor and sunshine.   Water Distribution   The using of high coefficient rotating sprinkler heads made of reinforced plastic or aluminum alloy can reduce the pressure of friction loss. Besides, the water can be distributed evenly to achieve the max thermal performance.       Infill    Standard and low noise cooling tower are using high class thermal formed PVC sheet. The sheets are added with industrial plaits material and long fiberglass to slow the aging and increase the strength. Moreover the water film is thinner and longer so that the infill cabbage coefficient is higher. The infill is formed in the factory, instead of at construction site. To avoid uneven problem during installing. And it cold be easily cleaned and maintained in future. High temperature cooling tower is using P.P. Infill that could withstand up to 90 degreeC water temperature. The surface of such infill is corrugated to increase the filling pitch to make sure that infill is clog-free and overcome the problem of water quality.    

  • 600m³/h cross flow cooling tower cross flow cooling tower NST-600

    Features of NEWIN square type cross flow cooling tower Space saving, light-duty structures Using specially designed infill which ensure high efficient heat transferring, heat transfer area increased significantly, smaller installing area, due to the optimization design of steel structure, operating weight greatly reduced accordingly. Energy saving Adopting small ventilation resistance packing and special designed FRP/aluminum alloy high efficiency fan, greatly reduced the motor power. Smaller motor power are designed for low noise model, save more power, double speed motor for optional to power saving according to customers’ special requirements. Low noise Special designed low noise FRP/aluminum alloy material wing type axial flow fan and motor, so as to reduce the running noise of cooling tower. Lower running noise for super low noise models, fully meet the environmental friendly requirements. If double speed motor running at low speed in the night, the noise can go down by 2 to 3 db (A). The user who needs double speed motor please comment when placing the order. Good corrosion resistance Tower casing, tank and panel are make up of high corrosion resistance performance FRP material, adding light stabilizer to the gel coating to make it good anti-aging performance and not fade. Galvanized steel structure to improve the corrosion resistance performance of the cooling tower, no need additional anti-corrosion within normal service life. Convenient combination Combinations can be used to meet the requirements of different working conditions, users can decide combine or not according to the field situation. What’s more, adjust the cooling tower combination appearance according to surrounding buildings’ structure characteristics. If limited space in end user, our company can also design for the special cooling tower to meet users’ requirements for the performance of thermal and noise. Easy maintenance This series of cooling towers are modular design, air chamber of adjacent cooling towers are separated from each other, maintenance, packing cleaning, pipe cleaning, water tank cleaning can be done under cooling tower normal working.

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    NWI Seires Industrial Cooling Tower is widely used in industries of Electric Power, Petroleum, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Fertilizer, Smelt, etc. Cooling water capacity ranges from 800 m3/h - 4000 m3/h. According to Customers' request, we also supply high temperature type, sewage type, and also designed to different shape to match with the customer's site location.

  • Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower NSH-60 Counter Flow Square Cooling Tower NSH-60

    NSH series counter flow square type cooling tower is available in capacity for single cell from 40 tons to 1000 tons, various modular combinations of cooling towers are designed to meet different requirements. This type of cooling tower is mainly used in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to medium processing applications.

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