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NCF series centrifugal fan forced draft cooling tower is a type of cooling tower designed to protect the environment from our years of cooling tower equipment design, production, operation,maintenance experience, combined the advanced heat exchange technology and scientific production management, it is an advanced innovation product.Newin force draft centrifugal fan cooling tower

All-metal construction, avoided to cause any harm to the environment and human body regarding the production process of FRP material, and also avoided serious impact to the environment and ecological balance during the long term degradation process of FRP. Casing is made of zinc magnesium aluminum or stainless steel plate, equipped with low noise multi-wheel centrifugal fans. The fan and its driven system are installed at the bottom of cooling tower, it easily makes to control the noise level, and avoided the corrosion caused by saturated moisture, ensured longer service life and facilitated cooling tower of daily maintenance work. Closed water basin can effectively isolated direct sunlight to the cooling water, effectively controlled the algae bacteria breeding and avoid causing bacteria "veterans". NCF series centrifugal fan forced draft cooling tower adopts the single side into the wind design, can undertake more towers assembling, suitable application in indoor, outdoor and tunnel, etc.


Beautiful appearance, flexible combination, high thermal efficiency, small footprint , environmental protection, low noise, easy maintenance, long service life.

Frame Structure:

Modular structure, use the high quality of zinc magnesium aluminum material (304 or 316 stainless steel for option), which is standardization made by Z600 galvanized anti-corrosion processing. After passivation treatment, cooling tower can withstand water PH value 6.5-9.0 . At the same time, the component design strength can bear the wind pressure of 1440 Pa, Protected the product quality and ensured stable running. Cooling tower can be customized according to single cell or multi cells.


Using high quality imported galvanized aluminum plate, high strength, strong anti-corrosion ability, beautiful appearance, smooth and easy assembly, etc.

Driven System

Using multi channel V belt transmission, the design of the belt based on 150% of the motor rated power. Smooth running, low noise, fan bearing with conical roller bearing, large carrying capacity, long life, rated life over 20,000 hours


Using closed cooling tower dedicated motor, IP55 protection grade, insulation class is F, suitable for hot and humid environment to run for a long time. Products comply with IEC international standards, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, reliable operation, etc.

Centrifugal fancentrifugal fan

Using the centrifugal fan, through static and dynamic test of production process, to meet the cooling tower heat transfer performance under the premise of maximum noise reduction.

Fill Media

Using the high quality of modified PVC materials, the heating vacuum forming the diaphragm of the wet packing, with uv resistance, chemical resistance, changing the characteristics of high thermal efficiency.

Drift Eliminator

Using high quality cellular drift eliminator, not only the small resistance, and effectively reduced cooling water loss dropped to no more than 0.001% of the circulating water.


Using independent design of the nozzle of our company. The nozzle sprays the water uniformly under the condition of low pressure water, adopts the design of large diameter, internal without moving parts, maintenance free, small resistance, greatly improved thermal efficiency of cooling tower. 

Access Gallery 

The access door is designed at both ends of the cooling tower, convenient access to the fan room for repairing or maintenance work.

Water Basin

Using the high quality steel plate thickness profile, supporting the various pipeline interface, outlet is also equipped with filter, hydrating mouth built-in brass valves, large diameter plastic floating ball, automatically adjust the water level, water plate design for large capacity, high water level.

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