Attentions of energy saving cooling tower operation 2019-07-30

What need attention before Energy saving cooling tower operation
  Energy saving cooling tower before commissioning should pay attention to check inside the reducer by lubricating oil, fuel oil level height typically require at the level of the top and bottom oil level line between;Check whether the gear case is to come on, come on come on label should pay attention to and pitted.For energy-saving of cooling tower of lubrication effect between components do not reach the designated position, will cause the parts damaged in advance.
  After checking the parts go situation, start the energy-saving of cooling tower fan, the impeller to correct (from top to bottom is clockwise), to energy-saving operation incorrectly can cause it's not a cooling effect.
  If it is double speed motor, start by low speed should be started, then switch to adjust to the required speed;And from low speed to adjust the time delay will have 10 to 20 seconds.
  Water vapor joint commissioning notice should be open fan, after being to a running balance, open all the water valve to about a third as the best, this will prevent double tower water concentration, caused the damage of pipeline system is energy saving cooling tower, and then open the water pump, finally slowly adjusting water inlet valve for water slowly added to the rating.
  Energy saving cooling tower water amount shall not exceed 20% of the rating when commissioning, normal operation of water had better not exceed the rating.Energy saving cooling tower commissioning and normal operation of the process, slow down the oil temperature is the highest temperature shall not exceed the specified in the instructions for reducer, gear oil level shall not be lower than the lowest level line.
  Gear box for the first time after the operation, should be in after half month for the first time in oil, oil change once every six months later;If you do not run more than one month or more, gear box shall be filled with lubricating oil.

  If the temperature below freezing cause fan around the reducer can't start, therefore, it is strongly recommended that not to commissioning work of energy saving cooling tower in winter;Please, if you must run energy-saving cooling tower in winter, the water, after being tower temperature rise, and open the fan.

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