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NEWIN supply project system accessories include pipes,water pumps, GRP tanks, strainer for cooling towers. The one-stop packages maximum simplified the works of project contractor. Through the "one-stop package" provided cooling towers and its auxiliary equipment, can effectively matching the cooling tower and its accessories. Ensures the efficiency, stable operation of cooling tower. Maximizes the service life of the cooling tower system.


Water Pump
NEWIN supply various of water pumps such as vertical pipeline pump, horizontal centrifugal pump, split type big capacity pump for circulating the cooling water.


GRP Tank
NEWIN supply GRP tank for air conditioning system and other industry. Based on the large scale of FRP production workshop, modular production model, Newin providing customers with all kinds of FRP water tank, flexible in size, short period of delivery.

Newin supply various of valves and control valves.Such as: Butterfly valve, check valve, ball valve, filters, exhaust valve, Angle valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, flow meter and other projects commonly used parts.

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